Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Washougal MX 2006 Nationals

WOW! What a race! Not only was the motocross class an increadible race, but the Lites even had a great day. The weather was near perfect, though conditions were tough for photography. I did not have enough light for my telephoto shots and many came out blurred. But who cares about the photography, it was all about racing at Washougal this year. Ricky and Bubba made this one of the best races of all times, and from listening to others, probably one of the best races of all times.

Unfortunately you can not be everywhere on the track at once. Apparently Ricky was working on his Clark Kent skills as he tried to fly. With little success off the bike, he quickly jumped back on to take a tough second, and second overall for the day. I would say better luck next time, but this was probably the last appearance for Ricky at Washougal. Next year will be the Bubba show.

Speaking of next year, it must be frustrating for Chad Reed. He was on fire in practice and looked good all day. Besides his little mishap, he was far ahead of the 4th place riders. Unfortunately for Chad, Ricky and Bubba had to be in front with no chance catch up.

Well, enjoy the pics, I have more that I will upload soon, include some of the lites....

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bubba can scrub like no other