Thursday, August 17, 2006

Microsoft Windows Live Drive

So I have read some speculation on Microsoft's upcoming program that is a tagged to be called Windows Live Drive. It appears that this will be an extension of the Windows Live services that Microsoft has currently in beta. The speculation is that Microsoft is creating an online storage system that will be available anywhere on the internet. It will also compete with Google's rumored product, GDrive.

This is somewhat old news (Wikipedia and Fortune both have articles on it) but it has got new attention since a developer posted a blog about it on MSDN Blogs. It was then abrutly pulled. Here is a link if anyone wants to read it.

So the speculation starts up again that Redmond is going to have this ready soon and that it will be just online storage. But I think there is something else besides online storage. I think that Microsoft is going to tie this into the XBOX360 and the livingroom that they so badly want to be a part of in the world. Sure it could be a great way to store and share files on the internet, but think about being able to share your picture slideshow or video of you kids first step with your grandparents across the country. Ofcourse this would mean that your grandparents would need an XBOX360, and thus why I think it could easily expand to something more.

There are also rumors around that Microsoft is planning to expand the offerings of the XBOX360 and this could also tie into those rumors. This is just my $0.02, but tell me what you think...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Something from the Archives ~ Hangtown 1999 Nationals

Well I thought this would be interesting to post since 1999 was a good year for Ricky Carmichael, on 125's. He won this race at Hangtown along with Kevin Windham in the 250 class (beating the King, Jeremy McGrath). I wonder if Kevin is going to call it quits soon as well...

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More of the Ricky and Bubba Show ~ Washougal

Well if anyone read the interview with Ricky and Bubba about the Washougal race, this may explain why Ricky was getting so frustrated. I have a feeling Bubba's roost taste a whole lot worst than others...

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Washougal Lites

A great day for the Lites as well at Washougal as Short goes 1-1. He made it look way too easy and Alessi was nowhere to be seen (for the most part). Tough break for Villopoto on the first moto but he looked good in moto #2. More pics to come, plus some cropping and adjustments. I am just trying to get these out as quick as I can to start with....

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Washougal Pictures

Here are some more Washougal pictures, I hope you enjoy them. I will post more later...

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Washougal MX 2006 Nationals

WOW! What a race! Not only was the motocross class an increadible race, but the Lites even had a great day. The weather was near perfect, though conditions were tough for photography. I did not have enough light for my telephoto shots and many came out blurred. But who cares about the photography, it was all about racing at Washougal this year. Ricky and Bubba made this one of the best races of all times, and from listening to others, probably one of the best races of all times.

Unfortunately you can not be everywhere on the track at once. Apparently Ricky was working on his Clark Kent skills as he tried to fly. With little success off the bike, he quickly jumped back on to take a tough second, and second overall for the day. I would say better luck next time, but this was probably the last appearance for Ricky at Washougal. Next year will be the Bubba show.

Speaking of next year, it must be frustrating for Chad Reed. He was on fire in practice and looked good all day. Besides his little mishap, he was far ahead of the 4th place riders. Unfortunately for Chad, Ricky and Bubba had to be in front with no chance catch up.

Well, enjoy the pics, I have more that I will upload soon, include some of the lites....