Thursday, August 17, 2006

Microsoft Windows Live Drive

So I have read some speculation on Microsoft's upcoming program that is a tagged to be called Windows Live Drive. It appears that this will be an extension of the Windows Live services that Microsoft has currently in beta. The speculation is that Microsoft is creating an online storage system that will be available anywhere on the internet. It will also compete with Google's rumored product, GDrive.

This is somewhat old news (Wikipedia and Fortune both have articles on it) but it has got new attention since a developer posted a blog about it on MSDN Blogs. It was then abrutly pulled. Here is a link if anyone wants to read it.

So the speculation starts up again that Redmond is going to have this ready soon and that it will be just online storage. But I think there is something else besides online storage. I think that Microsoft is going to tie this into the XBOX360 and the livingroom that they so badly want to be a part of in the world. Sure it could be a great way to store and share files on the internet, but think about being able to share your picture slideshow or video of you kids first step with your grandparents across the country. Ofcourse this would mean that your grandparents would need an XBOX360, and thus why I think it could easily expand to something more.

There are also rumors around that Microsoft is planning to expand the offerings of the XBOX360 and this could also tie into those rumors. This is just my $0.02, but tell me what you think...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective, I just don't think Bill will be happy until he rulez the world. Maybe this can tie into Vista as well?