Monday, May 15, 2006

Trip to Joshua Tree

This is Josha Tree National Monument. We went there during Spring Break 2006 and had a great time. It is an incredible place to boulder or sport climb. My kids, ages 9 and 11, had a great time for their first trip out rock climbing.

The rock is very stable and graining, good for smearing. I noticed good cracks as well. We did not get to venture to far into the park and I would guess that there are many conditions that could exist. The place where we were at was ideal for bouldering or sport climbing. Though I did not try any, it looked like there are many good single pitch lead climbs available. I do not know if it is my age getting to me or if I am spoiled (I grew up near Yosemit National Park and that is where I learned to climb) but the rock sure seemed rough on the hands. This could have something to do with not having my hands on a rock in years as well. If you go to the area, I would strongly recommend tape.

If you are traveling to the area for a quick day trip, or even just a couple of days, you can rent shoes at a great little outdoor store in the town of Joshua Tree. It is also a great entrance to the park. The park also has some great hiking trails with some nice views of the desert. Once again, we did not get to venture nearly far enough in the park and I am sure there are some great vistas with incredible views.

I look forward to making back down to the area with my kids someday, hopefully with a full rack so the kids can really stretch their legs. If you have the chance, make sure to get to this park, it is not only worth it for the climbs but also the natural beauty but also for the lack of crowds. Enjoy... Posted by Picasa

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