Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So what is up with big oil profits

Okay, I am not a conspiracy theory person, mainly because I don't think there is enough intelligence to pull off a conspiracy on a grand scale. But, how can gasoline skyrocket in price and oil companies all of a sudden make huge profits? And more importantly, why? I started to think that there may be more to this than just big dollars for "good friends" and others. What if this is all part of a big plan? We have enraged the public at large, making it difficult to go to work, recreate, and stressed us to the point of breaking with gas prices. The common theme I hear, it is a supply shortage. So if there is such a huge shortage then how do you make record profits?

My thoughts on this, scare the American public into near pandemonium, then swoop in with a saviour. Sounds good, right? So, where is the saviour? Alaska! 400 billions barrels of oil just going to waste and the only thing getting in the way, the environment. We know at least 40%, maybe 49% of the country seems to support drilling for oil in Alaska (completely anecdotal). Now that we have strangled the economy, the middle class, and even the poor, how many of us are ready to say screw the risks, start drilling?

So once again, what are the chances of a consipiracy of this size? I use to think it was too complex but I can only wonder now. I would predict that before the end of the year we will be drilling in ANWR. The oil companies are primed to spend a fortune on research and it is "good" for the economy. It sure sounds like a win-win but unfortunately we will be blinded by economic rage to think clearly and away we go. If we could just put half the effort into finding alterative solutions we would be considerably better off in the long run. I guess only time will tell...

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